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Film Processing:

We offer processing of any C-41, color film ranging from 35mm, disposable cameras, 120, 220, 126, 110. We also offer cross processing of E-6 slide.

Now offering mail in service - Mail in your film and get files sent to you online or prints mailed back!

*Pushing/pulling film not offered

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Film and Print scanning:

Using digital ICE technology, we are able to scan your negatives and slides and create digital copies or prints.

Scanning is available for 35mm, 120, 126, half frame negatives, 35mm slides and sheet film.

Scanning options range from CD, USB, Dropbox, or Google Drive.

Scanning of physical prints of any size is offered as well.

*Prints over 8x10 will be an extra charge

**126 negatives will be charged per frame for scanning

***No scanning or printing of 110 film offered

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